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Lilium brand images | Nick Frank

Industrial photography on location

Lilium brand images

The Challenge

Lilium has been developing the first electric vertical take-off and landing jet since 2015. I have been photographing for the company since 2018 primary on location. These include shots of the aircraft, people and production in a rapidly changing environment with a consistent visual language.





Lilium Jet in Hanger in Munich
Lilium Pilot at cockpit and person sitting at passenger area
Lilium Jet at Hangar in Munich
Shoot with 250 Lilium employees in a Hangar here in Munich

Photographing the Lilium crew from a lifting platform - having almost 280 employees in front of the camera is something special.

With so many people, everything has to happen very quickly and be well organized. Many hours of planning for a 30-minute shoot. I like to support my clients with the idea, concept and planning, and my background as a creative director helps me here. The images are used as brand images and serve as communication.

Top Shot from Lilium Jet
Inside the Lilium Jet
Top Shot Lilium Jet showcasing what fits in the passanger loading area
Lilium soundlab testing engine sound
Photography of people working at Lilium production
Person checking the wiring at Lilium's Sound lab
People (engineers) working inside a Lilium Hangar
People (engineers) working inside a Lilium Hangar
Production parts
Systemstesting at Lilium HQ Munich
Systems testing
Tatooed hand working on a Jet Battery during systems test
Photography showcasing assembly of Lilium Jet inside the production facility
Photography showcasing assembly of Lilium Jet inside the production facility
Draufsicht auf Personen die am Phoenix Lilium Jet arbeiten

Visualization of the production process with top-down shots of hydraulic lifting platforms

Bonus Challenge: Without a tripod but with a harness. Another reason why I love industrial photography so much - there are always new/different requirements.

Another Lilium project
RUAG wind tunnel