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Architectural photography Munich and worldwide. Aesthetics in detail. | Nick Frank

Architectural photographers are the mathematicians of photography. 

The photographer transfers the formal language, aesthetics and/or the idea of the architect(s) into his pictures. Disturbing factors are faded out until the essential remains. The idea becomes visible and accessible to the viewer.

Why do I say that architectural photographers are the mathematicians of photography? Quite simply, more than in any other genre of photography, it's all about precession. The camera is meticulously aligned on all axes. Nothing tilts or runs together unintentionally, which would take away the clarity of the composition.

Architekturfotografie für Architekten und Bauherren, Einleitungsbild

Architectural photography is made up of different categories:

  • Cityscapes

  • Individual architectural objects

  • architectural details

  • street furniture, street art, monuments and more

  • Exterior and interior

Architekturfotografie Übersicht an verschiedenen Motiven

Different approaches can be pursued:
The spontaneous photo as an approach to the object, working out details, embedding in the environment with and without people or the artistic approach.

My passion is artistic photography. Many photographers have mastered the 45° left/right or center shot, but I am extremely good at finding special perspectives and angles that you have never seen from a location before.

Of course, I am also happy to work with you on a briefing or shoot directly according to specifications. My 15-year background as an art and creative director in advertising helps me to better understand and respond to client requests.

Künstlerische Architekturfotografie von Nick Frank

For the best clients, worldwide.

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Technology & scalability

I shoot at 100 mpx, so we make sure your images work equally well for social media, website, brochure and other OOH measures. Even 18/1 ads and billboards for highways and airports are no problem at all. Another bonus is that you can create multiple crops from one image.

Cameras & light

  • Fujifilm GFX2 - as a workhorse

  • Phase One IQ3 - for maximum detail

  • Technical camera + special lenses for settings/architecture & rooms with little space

  • Profoto/Briese/Godox Flashes & ARRI permanent light

What you get from me

  • Concept fidelity and, if required, strength, from a former art & creative director with 25 years of experience

  • Expert in branding and case study development. Winner of many international awards, including the biggest and most important awards. E.g. with Made in Fukushima.

  • Extremely high standards of quality and implementation

  • State of the Art tech and know-how

  • Ability to work under pressure, even under high time pressure

  • Infrastructure with long-term partners in the film and drone flight sector

  • Image editing and look development

Let's talk!

Nick Frank
Belgradstrasse 128
80804 Munich

+49 151 404 00776

Nick Frank is member of BFF - Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter e.V.

Here is an overview of my work.