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Supercomputer | Nick Frank

Industrial photography Munich Garching

Super Computing

The Challenge

Campaign shooting as part of the 100 Years of Upper Bavaria campaign, for the Bavarian State Chancellery in Munich. This project is about super computing in Garching. In addition, scouting of unusual locations in advance.


Bayerische Staatskanzlei



Rows of computers in a large computer room, featuring a vibrant color palette with light black and yellow, dark sky-blue and red tones.

SuperMUC is a supercomputer operated at the Leibniz Computing Center in Garching near Munich. The suffix "MUC" refers to the IATA airport code of Munich Airport. The computer is the successor to the Bayern II supercomputer.

Orange Kabel, die In eine Patchbay greifen, k√ľnstlerische Fotografie

One of my favorite subjects. The Phase One 100 Mpx Back reproduces an incredible level of detail. Even the smallest labels of the cables can still be read. It all reminds me of a living organism.

links und rechts sind Festplatten zu sehen die, die automatisiert bewegt werden.
Detailaufnahme eines Serverschranks. Orange Kabel reichen in eine Patchbay.
Aufnahme eines Serverschranks bei ausgeschaltetem Licht - wirkt wie die Skyline einer Stadt

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