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Industrial photography for corporates. Munich and worldwide. | Nick Frank

I reduce content to its core. Away with unnecessary accessories, here with the essence of things - Excellent industrial photography.

Nick Frank Industriefotografie, Oberto Portland USA, Industrie Foto einer Person in einem Industriesetting.

Industrial photography for corporates

Whether it's an airplane, wind tunnel, server center or chip production, capturing production facilities, processes and equipment photographically for corporates is what drives me. 

This is something I do not only in my home Munich, but ,ostly worldwide. I was working on jobs in the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Peru, Morocco, and most countries in Europe.

Nick Frank Industrie Fotografie Collage, Bildübersicht.

The demands on the photographer's skills and experience are high, and equipment and technology also play an important role - but every time you feel transported back to your childhood and enthusiastically absorb information, you learn how a (usually large) machine works or how a product is created. In addition, portrait photography also plays a decisive role - people are shown in their working environment during an industrial activity, i.e. embedded in a setting, or portrayed in a very specific way.
This creates tension. In addition, lighting conditions also play an important role - both for indoor and outdoor shots. Mixed light and the size of a location place considerable demands on camera technology and light generation, both with flashes and continuous light.

Industry Still life photography Nick Frank

In industrial photography, photographs often have to be taken under time pressure and with tight time frames in order to avoid additional costs. This is quite natural for me. Production facilities only stop for a short time so that the picture can be taken and/or prepared. I am familiar with oil, noise and other emissions, but have also worked in whisper-quiet cleanrooms. 

I've been through countless safety trainings, as an industrial photographer this is quite normal.

Photography according to your request


Clients book me, as an industrial photographer primarily to depict plants, individual components, machines, tools or production facilities - but also the actual product, from the production line, plant construction, to computer chips and manual work processes. Industrial photography reflects the interplay of business, science and outstanding engineering.

It would be nice if I could photograph your A380 in your corporate owned hangar. Don't worry, I can also accommodate you here in terms of price. Exactly such a thing is actually still missing in my portfolio.

For the best clients, worldwide.

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Technology & Scalability

I take industrial photos at 100 mpx to ensure that your images work equally well for social media, websites, brochures and other OOH measures. Even 18/1 ads and billboards for highways and airports are no problem at all.

Cameras & light

  • Fujifilm GFX2 - as workhorse 

  • Phase One IQ3 - for machines & facilities

  • Technical camera + special lenses for settings/architecture & tight spaces

  • Profoto/Briese strobes & ARRI light

What you will get from me

  • Concept fidelity and strength when needed, from former Art & Creative Director with 25 years of experience

  • Expert in branding and case study development. Multiple international awards, winning the biggest and most important awards e.g. Made in Fukushima

  • Extremely high standards of quality and implementation

  • State of the art technology and know-how

  • Resilience, even under high time pressure

  • Infrastructure with long-standing partners in the field of film and drone flight

  • Image editing and look development 

Interested in industrial photography?

Let's talk!

Nick Frank
Belgradstrasse 128
80804 Munich

+49 151 404 00776

Nick Frank is member of BFF - Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter e.V.

An overview of my industrial photography can be found here.