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RUAG | Nick Frank

Wind tunnel industrial shoot

RUAG shoot Swiss

The Challenge

Lilium is testing new turbines in a huge wind tunnel at RUAG in Emmen, Swiss. As the tests, some of which are very complex, are very tightly scheduled, the requirement here is to produce images in a short time, without a tripod, without set-up and in difficult lighting conditions.





Windkanal mit Mitarbeiter der an Triebwerken arbeitet

One is inevitably reminded of Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey, even though the Emmen facility was already built in 1946, while the film premiered in theaters in 1968. It is the contrast between black and white that makes the location so interesting.

Bereich innerhalb des Windkanals. Flügeltüren, zur Kanalisierung der Luftstömung
Turbine in Windkanal mit Person davor
Seitenansicht des Windtunnels mit zwei Personen bei der Arbeit
Detailansicht Personen bei der Arbeit
His unique eye on composition combined with his technical skills summarises his talent in making the conventional look unconventional.
Portrait Lorenzo Bennassar
Lorenzo Bennassar Creative Brand Design Lead Lilium

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