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Habitat Olympia | Nick Frank

Photography and documentary

Habitat Olympia Munich

The Challenge

This illustrated book is an attempt to capture what the Olympic Village is all about from the point of view of its inhabitants: an extraordinary attitude to life that arises from extraordinary architecture. Habitat Olympia is a photography and documentary at the same time, with 194 pages published by Volk Verlag. It can be ordered via Amazon.


Free project



Olympisches Dorf München Parkdeck
Doppelseite au dem Buch mit Bungalows
Ansicht Wohngebäude Studenten bei Nacht
Blick über das Dorf hinweg von einer der Penthouse Wohnungen aus

Planned and built for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, the Olympic Village with its buildings and facilities was intended to be used intensively beyond the Olympics - namely as a residential complex presenting contemporary forms of housing and urban development.

The Olympic Village is a utopia that has become reality: a residential area in the countryside, not far from the city center, with all facilities for around 10,000 residents. The three residential arms, extending mainly to the southwest, meet at the village center. The paths of pedestrian and vehicular traffic are consistently separated by a pedestrian level and underground roadways. The terraces give residents the opportunity to experience more sun and more sky. From here, the expanse is defining, but immediate views of the immediate surroundings are also possible. Habitat Olympia is an attempt to capture in photography and text what the Olympic Village is all about, according to its residents: an extraordinary attitude to life that grows out of extraordinary architecture.

Student der Architektur betrachtet ein Modell, Mädchen klettert auf einen Baum
Blick hin auf die Studentenmensa
Aufnahme Wohnhaus bei Nacht
Wandbemahlung im Studentendorf
Die RIngs Sportsbar im Olympischen Dorf
Die Inhaberin der Bar und Ansicht der behängten Wände
Detailansicht Wohnhaus und Detail einer Wendeltreppe
Übersicht über das Olympische Dorf bei Sonnenuntergang
Eine Einwohnerin in original Olympia 1972 Dress auf ihrem Balkon
Der Organist der Kirche an seinem Klavier

Habitat is a collaboration between photographers Nick Frank,
Christian Vogel and freelance copywriter Anne Berwanger.