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Subway, Metro photography worldwide | Nick Frank

Metro photography worldwide


The Challenge

"Reduce to the max", my approach to photography in general, but in particular to my "Subway/Metro" project. It's not about documentation, it's my whole own and personal point of view. Subway stations worldwide, mostly photographed from a central perspective and modified in Photoshop - compressed to the essentials.


Free project



U-Bahn Station München, Waldfriedhof

I've been photographing subway stations since 2010, starting as a hobby to balance out my work and as an alternative to thousands of hours of PC gaming. The pictures were first on my homepage, a blog to see. Primarily for work colleagues.

U-Bahn Station München Goerg-Bräuchle-Ring
U-bahn Fotografie aus Stockholm, rot und schwarz

In the meantime, the series comprises almost 120 images. I had publications in magazines such as Wired, the New York Times, the mirror, the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Even on television (eg HR and BR3) and the radio, I was to be seen/heard with reports and contributions.

U-Bahn Station München Hasenbergl
U-Bahn Station Marienplatz München

In the end, this project was also one of the reasons why I started my own business as a photographer in 2013. Besides the great success of the project, I wanted to approach topics holistically again. From the idea to the implementation. I missed that in my time in advertising.

U-Bahn Station München Candidplatz, sehr farbenfroh
U-Bahn Station Wien in Österreich
U-Bahn Station in Berlin, hier wurden einige Filme gedreht
Zugang zu einer U-Bahn Station in Malmö Schweden
Abstrakte Fotografie von Details in den Münchner U-Bahn

It doesn't always have to be the wide-angle central perspective. Architecture can also be captured wonderfully with a telephoto lens. Depicting details abstractly also brings the necessary impact. Over the years, this has also become a specialty.

Sitzbank in der U-Bahn Station Garching in München
Details der U-Bahn Stationen Marienplatz und Olympia-Einkaufszentrum München
Detail einer U-Bahnstation in Frankfurt, Deutschland
U-Bahn London UK, innerhalb eines Zuges
U-Bahn München, innerhalb eines Zuges
U-Bahn Station in London UK, Verbindungsbereich zwischen den Gleisen

I have photographed the stations all over the world. This requires reasonable planning and research. By the way, the best time for photography is definitely Sunday mornings at 5:00.

U-Bahn Station in London UK, Die Sonne bricht durch das Dach