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Nick Frank for Canon - The G7 X MKII camera | Nick Frank
Nick Frank Photography

Nick Frank for Canon - The G7 X MKII camera

Oct 5, 2016

Munich-based Architecture and Corporate Photographer Nick Frank takes us on a journey through the striking Munich underground, capturing it all on the PowerShot G7 X MKII.  Did this in July 2016 for Canon Europe.

It felt pretty natural to me when Canon approached me in early 2016 and told me that they wanted to film a piece with me. I am shooting subway stations all around the globe since 2010. I have a huge background in advertising so this is how I describe my images to someone else:
A great advert has to be easy and understandable. What you essentially do in advertising is to remove unwanted things/objects until the essence of what you want the viewer to see/understand becomes visible. It has to be a clear focus. This is also my approach to photography. I try to focus on the most important parts of the image while removing everything that is not important. Also having a graphics background really helps. I am quite good with shapes, forms, textures, and patterns. It is my style.

My Style is very subjective. I am not doing a documentary. When I take pictures I have a clear vision of what the final image will look like. I retouch a lot. It helps in my process to let this vision become a reality.