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Awards for Made in Fukushima | Nick Frank

Made in Fukushima award wins

Nov 19, 2019
Made in Fukushima Projekt Cover Teaserbild

What is this project about?

The award-winning project describes the ongoing effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Following the earthquake in March 2011, large amounts of radioactive material were released, leading to permanent evacuations and difficult conditions for local food producers in Fukushima.

METER Group, a company that manufactures products for environmental measurements in industry, developed a solution for field decontamination in collaboration with a professor from the University of Tokyo. Inspired by this story, Nick Frank decided to realize the project in documentary photography, placing particular emphasis on impressive images, figures and data.

The book, which was made from rice straw paper, a traditional material from Japan, was not only intended to be visually impressive, but also to document the industrial aspects of the decontamination efforts. Frank, who is known as an industrial and documentary photographer, was able to win numerous advertising awards with his work "Made in Fukushima". The project has been internationally recognized and received awards for its creative execution and powerful portrayal of the subject matter.

Made in Fukushima award wins/nominations:

  • Red Dot 2019 - best of the best

  • Clio Awards 2019 - Gold

  • London International Awards 2019 - 1x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze, 1x Shortlist

  • Cannes Lions 2019 - 5x Shortlist

  • Epica Awards 2019 - Silver

  • Eurobest 2019 - Shortlist

More about the project: