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The Made in Fukushima story - successful storytelling | Nick Frank
Aufnahme einer Monokultur in Fukushima Japan

Successful storytelling

Made in Fukushima

The Challenge

How do you help the farmers in Fukushima?
By decontaminating their rice fields. And how do you explain that to people who are afraid of radioactivity? With a book made of exactly that rice.





Made In Fukushima Präsentation des Buches, Übersicht einiger Seiten

Made in Fukushima is a book made from decontaminated rice straw from fields in Fukushima that turns data into insights. The book was sent as an incentive to leading companies in the food and environmental sectors to start conversations and increase sales of Fukushima rice worldwide. This is a great example of how Successful storytelling works

Übersicht der gewonnen Preise für Made in Fukushima

The book was the second most successful advertising project worldwide in 2020 and propelled METER Group to 16th place in the German creative rankings.
Together with big brands like Deutsche Telekom, BMW or Mercedes.

Ansicht einer Monokulur in Fukushima Itate
Felder werden beackert in Fukushima, Traktor bei der Arbeit

The first book that is a Case Study. The first case study made of rice.

Remember Fukushima? In 2011, a tsunami triggered a meltdown at a Japanese nuclear power plant. As a result, up to 150,000 people had to give up their homes, and more than 25,000 hectares of farmland were contaminated with radioactivity - that's about 35,000 soccer fields. The catastrophe continues to have an impact to this day.

Together with local experts, METER Group had developed a method for decontaminating the rice fields. Cool enough. Problem: Although all the experts and data give the green light, no one wants to buy rice from Fukushima. So far, so bad.

Universitätsprofessor aus Tokio und Bauer in einem Gewächshaus bei der Inspektion
Landschaftsaufnahme Reisanbau in Itate Japan
Portraitaufnahme Reisbauern
Eine leere, vom Tsunami und Fallout geschädigte Stadt in Fukushima
Sammelstation für radioaktives Erdreich nahe des Kraftwerks in Fukushima
Arbeiter in einer Reisproduktion in Fukushima
Landschaftsaufnahme einiger Reisfelder in Fukushima
His ability to engage internal and external shareholder in meaningful, value-added conversations resulted in a successful rebranding and numerous high profile stories.
Kundenbild Christian Hertel Meter Group
Christian Hertel Vice President Marketing/Sales METER Group

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