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Franka Robotics | Nick Frank

Industrial photography on location

Robot Shoot

The Challenge

Still life studio and industrial photography on location at Franka Robotics in Munich for the company's two new robot arms. Production of hero and side-shots for product communication. The robots are used in both health and industrial applications. AI is an important pillar of the company.


Franka Robotics



Franka Robotics beauty shot of Robot Arm

Franka Generation 3 is the industry-certified framework that easily transforms process knowledge into robot automation - thanks to simple operation and powerful, intuitive interfaces. Plug-and-use setup, connectivity and simple programming via modular app modules.

composing of four robot arms in different poses
Gegenüberstellung zweier schwarzer Roboter
Detailansicht des Greifers des schwarzen Roboters
Rückwärtige Ansicht des Roboters mit Kontrollfunktionen und Buttons
Schwarzer Roboter von vorne fotografiert
Zwei Roboterarme halten einen Computerchip
Seitenansicht der Roboterkopfes mit Fokus auf der Greifarm
Person justiert den Kopf der Roboters

Integration of real Franka employees into the company's photos/image world

Person bedient Roboterarm
Mitarbeiterin justiert den Arm inklusive des Greifers
Person vor Notebook an dem die Software des Roboters läuft. Zweite Person entnimmt dem Greifer ein Produkt.
We had a great pleasure working with Nick, his professionalism is second to none and goes beyond the top-quality photos, from excellent planning to keeping a nice atmosphere on the photoshot.
Profilbild Tatiana Zakharova
Tatiana Zakharova Head of Marketing Franka Emika

Learn more about Franke Emika here.