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Circuit Board Cities | Nick Frank

Art Project

Circuit Board Cities

The Challenge

In the age of digital transformation: computer mainboards photographed and transformed into abstract electronic cities via Google Maps. This art project features neighborhoods from cities such as Barcelona, Dubai, Sun City and Fort Meyers transformed into circuit board cities.


Free project



Multicomposing aus Computerteilen für Barcelona
Ein weiteres Composing, das Dubai repräsentiert
Sun City in den USA
Fort Meyers in den USA


Stadtansichten in Google Maps, die als Vorlage dienen

Screenshots of some cities from Google Maps served as a template for the photography
and subsequent image processing. Suitable scenarios have been researched for this.

Teil eines Mainboards, Vorlage für das Projekt

Afterwards, detailed images of various mainboards were taken with the help of a macro lens.
The individual images were then combined to form a city pattern.