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821 Miles | Nick Frank
Coverbild für 821 Miles Projekt

Landscape photography from Iceland

821 miles

The Challenge

Iceland is one of the most impressive places for me. Especially on a trip via Route 1 for 812 miles you can explore the island wonderfully. The imposing landscape was in first place in my documentation. In addition, a serial representation was important to me, from always the same perspective. Quasi from the view of the driver out. So the viewer can, at least for a short moment, experience the journey.


Free project



Die Ringstraße in Island entlang

Route 1 or the Ring Road (in Icelandic: Þjóðvegur 1 or Hringvegur) is the national road that goes around Iceland and connects most of the inhabited parts of the country. The length of this road is 1,322 kilometers or 821 miles.

Hier geht es Richtung Landmannalaugar

The pictures were taken in 2013, when all gravel roads were freshly asphalted. A great chance for unique shots.

Eine Straße in der nähe vom Reykjavík
Die selbe Straße wie zuvor aus einer anderen Perspektive
Das konstante, sich immer verändernde Lichtspiel in Island ist beeindruckend

In Iceland there is a saying: "When it rains, wait a little, then it rains some more". But you will be rewarded with spectacular spectacle in the sky.

Diese Straße führt zu einem Skigebiet
Tief im Hochland, Richtung Landmannalaugar

The lunar landscape of Landmannalaugar. Driving as if on a cushion.

Auf dem Rückweg von Landmannalaugar
Mittlerweile sieht man deutlich mehr Wägen in Island

All pictures were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II in combination with a TS-E 17mm lens. Iceland is always a feast for every landscape photography.

Und plötzlich bricht die Sonne hervor - Hand of God
Fahrt in Richtung Küste
Manchmal geht es auch einfach nur gerade aus

The series was licensed by Chevrolet in 2016 and used for backplates in automotive photography.

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