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SWM regions-campaign | Nick Frank

Photography, retouching and compositing

SWM regions-campaign

The Challenge

Photography, compositing and image retouching of motifs for Saint Elmos and the OOH regions-campaign of Stadtwerke München. Shots at changing locations in Bavaria, partly from a lifting platform, multi compsoings out of multiple layers.


Stadtwerke München



Wasserkraftwerk an der Isar in Thalkirchen München

Photograph of the hydropower plant in Munich Thalkirchen, for the SWM Regionen campaign. The image was created from individual photos and is still being used diligently in communication after several years. For example in 18/1 advertising spaces.

SWM Wasseraufbereitung
In Feld mit Solarpanels nähe Ulm
Windrad nah der Allianzarena in München Freimann

Photography from the lifting platform, stitching from 5 individual shots to create an overall composing.