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Mind Architects | Nick Frank

Architecture case study for

Mind Architects

The Challenge

Photography and image editing in urban environment for Mind Architects Collective. Exterior and interior shots for a case study at different times of the day.


Mind Architects Collective



Außenansicht des Gebäudes mit Architektin blick Richtung Himmel

On a small plot of two old garages, an ecological new building in solid wood construction with flexible use was to be built in the densely packed town center.

The building itself was to be given a garb of unobtrusive but very thoughtful modern simplicity and reduction of materials, which allows an ever changeable and flexible appearance. The conscious and exclusive use of wood as a constructive, insulating and aesthetic material, both inside and out, should satisfy the guiding principle of sustainability and simplicity.

Innenansicht mit weißer Treppe und Glaßfläche

Among others, award "Exemplary Buildings in Hessen 2017 "At the architecture award "Exemplary Buildings in Hessen 2017" our office building in Bischofsheim received an award.

Einbauschrank mit Tisch im Vordergrund
Blick Richtung Treppe mit Person die gerade hinunter geht
Außenansicht Terrasse und Innenansicht mit Treppe
Blick die Treppe hinauf, Richtung Himmel
Blick auf die Küche hin, mit Person die ab abspülen ist
Blick auf den Neubau hin, über ein anderes Haus hinweg

Mind Architects Collective
Schulstrasse 21, Bischofsheim