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Farbraum | Nick Frank

Artistic photography from Munich


The Challenge

What is beauty? A rusty street lamp that hasn't lit up a street for a long time. Prefabricated concrete buildings in the middle of nowhere. Faded drainpipes covered in rust and dust. "Farbraum" proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyday objects perceived as ugly by society are suddenly shown in a new artistic light by extracting colors.


Free project



Wohnhaus in München vor blauem Hintergrund
Wohnhaus vor Orangenem Hintergrund

By superimposing color accents, the motif gains an additional dimension. Objects become tangible and alive in Farbraum.

Wohnhaus und Straßenlampe vor gelbem Hintergrund
Straßenlaterne vor Beigem Hintergrund
Straßenlaterne vor grünem Hintergrund
Straßenlaterne vor gelbem Hintergrund
Modernes Gebäude vor Lila Hintergrund
Rohre vor rotem Hintergrund