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Concrete Living | Nick Frank
Coverbild der Concrete Living Serie

Artistic picture series from Hong Kong

Concrete Living

The Challenge

In mathematical rigor the following pictures show, buildings in abstract representation, in which crowds of people live in a very small space. Confinement, which seems unbearable for Europeans, takes on a different meaning in a country with the population of China. In the smallest of spaces, people laugh and cry, suffer and live. Is it all a question of culture?


Free project



Fassadenlandschaft in Hong Kong
Fassadenlandschaft in Kowloon bei Hong Kong nachts

Supersize Version at day/night. 20.000 Pixel wide.

Fassade in Hong Kong bei Tag
Wohnlandschaft in Kowloon Hong Kong
Ein weiteres Bild mit Wohnlanschaften aus Hong Kong
Hausfassade aus Kowloon, Wohnung an Wohnung
Nachtaufnahme aus Kowloon
Nachtaufnahme aus Hong Kong mit vielen leuchten Fenstern
Zwei Bilder aus der Serie aus Hong Kong und Kowloon

Most of the artistic shots for concrete living were taken with a telephoto lens, on a Nikon D800 camera, in Hong Kong & Kowloon, China.

The challenge here was to find an elevated position from which to photograph the architecture. Bonus task: superimposing the different layers of houses in perspective to become a series of images that there were no gaps.