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Cars | Nick Frank
Coverbild der Cars Serie - Oldtimer vor Tankstelle

Artistic automobile photography

Cars meet Architecture

The Challenge

Special cars meet a special location in this photography series. With artistic photography from a central perspective and striking architecture in the background. Automobile imagery differently.


Free project



Retro Porsche vor alter Tankstelle in München
Amerikanischer Klassiker aus den 1960ern vor ehemaliger Tankstelle

The pictures were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II and Leica S2 (medium format). Unfortunately, the gas station no longer exists.

Ford Mustang vor blauer Hausfassade
Mini in einem Hangar am Flughafen München
Exceptional location. An Airbus hangar at Munich Airport. The picture was taken as part of a photo and video production for Mini.
Oranger Hummer vor Oranger Fassade
Ford Mustang vor Tankstelle
Oldtimer BMW, vor der BLW-Welt

Don't like cars? How about a Jet? For example eVOTL from Lilium or an Embraer Phenom?