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Cannabis farming | Nick Frank

Industrial photography USA

Cannabis farming/growing

The Challenge

Cannabis consumtion is legal for personal use in 21 of the U.S. states. Additionally, medical cultivation is allowed in 35 states. My client AROYA, developer of a digital infrastructure for cannabis farming/growing, is once again sending me on a journey across the U.S. to document weed production.





Nahaufnahme einer blühenden Cannabis Pflanze

Within 4 independent trips the journey goes through the states of California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts and Maine in the USA. I photographed greenhouses, but also owners and employees.

Portrait eines Cannabis Growers in Nevada USA
Links Nachaufnahme Pflanzen, rechts Bilder Cannabis Grower
Portrait eines Cannabis Growers in abgedunkeltem Raum, mit Stirnlampe

The images are used in the form of various case studies, in AROYA's own corporate channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram and the homepage. In addition, an illustrated book with explanatory and informative texts, as well as the photographs, will soon be published. The company now also has an image database, which currently contains almost 700 fully retouched motifs. Third parties can license these images.

Links Gruppenbild bei der Cannabis Erne, rechts Portrait eines rauchendes Growers
Cannabis Grower in Californien der auf sein Grundstrück sieht
Woodwide Cannabis in Californien
Weitwinkel Aufnahme eines Cannabis Growrooms

In the greenhouses it is often difficult with photography. The lamps produce yellow light and outshine almost everything, sometimes you have to take pictures with sunglasses. The white balance fails. Focusing sometimes only works manually. You can hardly understand each other because the ventilation is very loud. Reflectors and artificial light for brightening up are also not possible because of the space in the facilities. Normally I have an assistant with me, an assistant who takes over certain tasks from me - which is not possible here because of the space and the duration of the trip is / was.

Links Aufnahme von Cannabis Blüten, rechts Nahaufnahme einer Scheren die zum Trimmen der Blüten benutzt werden
Steuerrungsraum für verschiedene Cannabis Growrooms
Diverse Bilder aus der Cannabis Produktion. Setzlinge und Menschen bei der Arbeit.
Gerätschaften die zur Produktion von Cannabis Öl benutzt werden
Links Portraitaufnahme von zwei Growern in Nevada, rechts Stillleben in einem der Offices
Bilder zweier Arbeiter in Cannabis Facilities. Inspektion der Blüten. Trimmen der Zweige.